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Saturday, November 21, 2009


Welcoming me myself back again~ and also to you, reader of the day~

Wow,it has been so so long since i just left this blog aside..and now i am back..Well, i know that i just need to do some cleaning over re-activate my blog so that it can be alive again..

What do you have in mind? What is the purpose of my life?Will it be just another life? OR, it will be a life, full of challenging and excitments? OR, a life that will bless others?OR a life that will trouble the people around us??what is life all about? Study? Exam? Married? and that's all???? i wonder..truly thinking it deeply,as far as possible...or am i just wasting my time??

One statement that hit me the most: Your decision is in YOur hand, and This decision will determine Your destiny

This is pretty true..every decision that we made, we need to pay the price. What more to say, some of the things in life, we need to let go. Let it be a good or the bad one..still we need to choose. Honestly, i do regret in some of the decision that i've made..and of coz it hurts badly..But, all these will the history, let it be a history that will help me to see things clearer and to sense better..

Holding to His promises in Jeremiah 29:11~ For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LOrd, Plans to prosper you, and not to harm you, Plans to give you hope and a future" . This verse encourages me whenever i feel so down and depressed warms my heart. We cant see the path ahead, but He does...Let's believe that our life will not be just another ordinary life, but a life that will be filled with colors and excitments.=p

One LIFE, live it to the MAX!!

Friday, December 7, 2007


" My Purpose Our Destiny"

lOOking at my first picture below, i am filled with the joy of the LORD and the excitement!
All Glory to God as i am able to join this wonderful event in my life.

A little bit of intro about this exciting event which is still going on till this coming sunday!..(FOR THOSE WHO DO NOT KNOW WHAT IS MNC)..
Malaysian National Convention, in short, MNC. This is the time when all the HOPE OF GOD ppl from all over Malaysia and some from outstation come together to meet GOD, learn about God's words,meeting friends and's a great and exciting time! well, we have around 1700 ppl EXCLUDING the children, joined this particular event. wow, u can imagine that!!BELIEVE IT! coz OUR GOD IS ALIVE!!

This year,2007, the mnc is held in BUMI KENYALAN,Riverside, Kuching, with its theme: My Purpose Our Destiny!

and, for the very first time, i'm registered under Hope Serdang ( my church in west Malaysia) haha..but, most of the time i joined the Hope Kuching ppl..(Oh LORD, plz forgive me...)
Nevertheless, i am always filled with the joy of the Lord though i'm tired. However, i still believe that Jesus is my strenght and He will work in me.
the 1st event in the 1st day of mnc:

Hope Carnival is actually Hope Games lar..Well, we have all kind of challenging games going around for the different categories of ppl, from the children to the youth, from the youth to the working adult and finally to the family groups in MBKS stadium. Well, through this Hope Carnival, the Hope Family Spirit is being strenghten!! It rained in the afternoon, but it didn't stop us at all..really appreciate those who comittee members who 'work' in the rain..

Isn't it cute?! My and ah yieng with this little penguin( the mascot for this year's convention)

well, we were the "Happy Feet" committee members who were in charged of the kids' games! Forever in our memory..Lina, Yuli, Ryan and Me

************to be continue**************

Thursday, November 15, 2007

unpredictable day!

hearing of going to sg Chongkak for practical was a ahocking news for me. i just hate to hear from my friends, saying that there would be a lot of liches there,especially during the raining season. it really scare me! however, i have to face the reality that i have to go there.

Encik Din, one of the senior lab assistance, with the others, were busy preparing the food for us as the lecturer promised us a BBQ night.

(somehow, it looked very disgusting! and eueeee,,)

and the time has come, and we went to sg.chongkak, a 45 min drives from our main campus..guess what, it was raining and we were..all..very moody..complained here and there..haiz..raining day means the frequency to meet the little creatures(liches) is definitely higher..!..arghh...
i just could not imagine what would i do if i met these creatures!!

well, we has expected that we will sleep in the tent but we built ours near to each other so that it is easier for us to chit chat during the night..haha

without wasting any time, we did our first experiment at 5 pm, measuring the depth of the river and the velocity of the stream..icy cold water made you feel refreshed.!

while waiting for my turn, i always treaured the time to take pictures with my friends..ahah..that's me! kinda sot sendiri..ehem...

However, some ppl were more crazy than me..loOk at the picture with 2 guys( kamarula and fizry)..hmm..for your infor, they are 'pure' guys, not GAY..aha..but somehow, kamarul(the guy with red hat), or known as sesat, always confused ppl with his action..haiz..can't help him much!

hmmm, the 2 experiments took us 2 hours to complete them..and the worse part rained at late evening..OH NO>..
we were wet and hungry..really horrible..with no efficient water supply and proper washroom, i think we prefer to bath when we get back to the hostel the next day. HORRIBLE and TERRIBLE like VEGETABLE!!
well, we were smart enough to bring some bread, biscuit, junk food and chocolate stuff there..
while waiting the BBQ chicken, we ate our food and we felt so great and everything tasted..shiok! well, you will see the effect of waiting too long for the BBQ chicken..MR.yap...dun like that lar..(the guy in blue) cha..

well, our experiments were not yet done..we continued them at 10pm till the next morning at 6am..kinda crazy without sleeping hours and u have to walk to the backyard, in dark and raining condition..again..HORRIBLE! lots of insects and i just hate it!!

haiz,some ppl just could not stand and have to sleep,it was a nice weather to sleep because it was raining..but, the sad thing is that, someone purposely took the picture( not me.)..adui..kolian..

well, nothing much happened on the next morning as everyone was very very tired and unfortunately, one of my senior knocked his head on a tree..Gezz..this was the effect of not enough, sleeping is important for you to keep yourself healthy and good!
cheers!! ^-^

Saturday, September 1, 2007


sometimes, university's life can be very wonderful and enjoying if you really appreciate everything and everyone around you.

"it's steamboat time", look at the colour of the food,.and it just matched and everything look so great.! this was the celebration for us, who just finished our first exam in sem 3.

tom yam and chicken soup..everything was prepared by my friends..what a good cook! yummy!!

okie, this was the first pictures that we took right after the first round food were ready.everyone was so excited and just could not wait for our first bites!

wow, the tom yam was.."heaven"! syok gila..everyone's face turned red and "hot"..

it drives us crazy....@_@

these two pictures have its link if you look carefully.well, my precious friend was so excited when she saw the fishball and of course her eyes also become like the fishball..

"hey,you all dun take my fishball ar..."(in the 1st pic)

"hmm..yummy[ using tissues to ???]...fishball...."( 2nd pic)

( 2nd pic)

(1st pic)

alright, say "cheese" with our,so full and really thank God for the food..just wanna thank the house owner,Mr kaw han yeong and may as well as for the flow manager, Mr. dennis Ng..haha..and also to everyone..

Friday, August 17, 2007


Living as an ordinary uni student's life, i do my part as a student and would do my very best in everything. HOwever, when i found out that SOME of my group members were "that kind of ppl"--no sense of urgency, hoping to get free marks without doing much in the team..wah..kek si me ar..honestly, i dun really like this kind of ppl. This bunch of ppl made my lifespan to be shorter. just completed my biology report which consists of 5 experiments,it drives me crazy!..*Boiling Boiling*..arghh..of course i did complain to God, i told him everything that i dun like..asking God to show me a way to handle the situation.

hmm..seeing my sister got her JPA, i was glad and of course i wish to have it to..knowing my friends able to get scholarship,i wish to have them as well..But, i never know that, with a simple faith,i pray these kind of prayer to GOd and guess wat.!!!God answered my prayer..
wowow....received my JPA offer letter last few days and a letter from my faculty, the Golden Key International Association..ALL glory to GOd! Honestly, i did not expect myself to get the JPA as i was only trying my luck..kinda amazing and i really could not believe it..! again, thank you LORD!

Sunday, August 5, 2007

YouNg HeaRt, fReE sOuL

CoUrSE n iGhT 2007!

I had never thought that i could be the MC for my course night 2007 which was held in Palm Garden Resort, a 4 stars hotel. Well, i was shocked at first as i have to speak in front of the public which i really not used to it.pai seh ma..(eventho' i do talk crap a lot..)

Friends always give support to me and another partner of mine, Mr. Yap. Both of us were in the same boat, first time being MC for our course night.

well, GOD is GOOD!.i prayed that my senior,RUBy and junior, Yien Shan could join the course night and my prayer was answered. How great and happy i was when i knew that they are coming for the, just could not believe that my senior who is very busy,would spend her precious time with me in the course night!
(from the left to right, Ruby,me and Yien Shan)

geez...MC really kolian,have to be the last person to eat. HOwever, it didn't happen to me.haha..But, this group won in the quiz session,so LOOK AT THEIR TABLE..goshhh....they took 3/4 of the food!..haiz..wat to do, really pity the rest of my friends,and me as chocolate cake and spaghetti juz flew off to that table..arghh.,..

see, this juz could not be compare to the table above..this was non other than my table. By the way, does it look nicer and high class a bit..(hmm..juz to comfort myself)..haha..juz kiddingla..everything wow,really nice and i'm speechless when i tried my first bite..heaven!

A memorable moment with juniors and my wonderful bunch of friends. As time flies, everyone will have their own destiny and path. A picture that worth a thousand.
( More pic coming up next)

Saturday, July 28, 2007